Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Sugar Waxing Mixture

Ladies and gents put the razor and shaving cream away....I repeat put them down now! Shaving is not the way to go in terms of removing hair. Nope, I don't care about it being "convenient", or "cheaper" and honestly neither should you. When you shave not only are you damaging your skin but your hair… Continue reading D.I.Y. Sugar Waxing Mixture

Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Skin Firming Mask (Face & Body)

Keeping your skin tight, clear, and smooth are all  common "skin goals", especially for my ladies. Specifically keeping our skin nice and tight because no one wants to be walking around with wrinkles, loose chin/neck skin, sagging eyelids, extreme cellulite, and etc. We want to appear refreshed, vibrant, well-put together, and confident, but in order… Continue reading D.I.Y. Skin Firming Mask (Face & Body)

Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Sunscreen Recipe (Sensitive Skin Friendly)

With the warmer seasons quickly approaching we have to make sure that we stay on top of our skin care.  As bad as we can't wait for fun in the sun let's not forget that the hot summer sun is anxiously awaiting to beam on us and potentially burn us. And although you may think… Continue reading D.I.Y. Sunscreen Recipe (Sensitive Skin Friendly)

Skin-care tips

Fruit Peelings for Your Skin

Wait!!! Before you throw away that "leftover" fruit let's take advantage of its full potential ;). The skin or peeling from each fruit has just as much if not more nutrients as the actual fruit. Think about it, how could the flesh stay so fresh, juicy and sweet without a strong & nutrient filled guard… Continue reading Fruit Peelings for Your Skin

Feature of the week

Treat Yo Self W/ Zandra Beauty

Zandra Beauty is a newly launched skin-care line by the young and beautiful entrepeneur, Zandra Cunningham of Buffalo, New York, U.S. But, Zandra is more than just an entrepreneur, she is also an influencer who serves to empower and encourage confidence to young girls and women from all over the world. Since a young girl… Continue reading Treat Yo Self W/ Zandra Beauty

Skin-care tips

D.I.Y. Black Charcoal Mask

Black charcoal masks are the internets latest skin-care trend, but when I tell you that they really live up to the hype please believe me! Unless you've been lost in the Himalayas there's no way you haven't seen a picture or a video involving the infamous black charcoal facial mask. These trendy masks are known… Continue reading D.I.Y. Black Charcoal Mask

Skin-care tips

The Benefits of Facial Steaming

Let's face it (pun intended LOL)! No one likes acne, dry skin, redness, or facial scarring. And I believe I can speak for most when I say that acne tends to show up at the absolute worse times or shows up more once you make more effort to improve it. Skin-care is a tricky thing… Continue reading The Benefits of Facial Steaming