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Meet the Creator of Blavity.com: Morgan DeBaun

This woman here, Morgan DeBaun is the true definition of an inspiration! A highly intelligent, beautiful, powerful, yet relatable, entrepreneur. Morgan DeBaun, also known as the CEO and creator of Blavity.com (Black Gravity). She began as a passionate business and technology student who made her career start into corporate America, but she quickly noticed that corporate America was not in her best interest. After leaving her promising career behind Morgan decided to take a leap of faith that would change her life forever! Morgan recognized that her generation (black millennials) were not being represented enough in the mainstream media and was determined to change that by taking matters into her own hands. Along with her co-founder Aaron Samuels, the two came together and created Blavity.com (July 2014),  a website filled with content made for and by black people! Blavity.com was created to bring black people together, educate us on the latest black current events, and uplight us (especially the millennials). From covering stories relating to the Black Lives Matter movement (including the protest of the national anthem), to inspiring and supporting us to do the work we love, Blavity.com has us covered. Morgan is without a doubt for her people, and since launching Blavity she has also founded four other companies for us, known as Afro Tech ,Travel Niore, 21Ninety, and Shadow And Act! AfroTech.com, started off as a conference in Silicon Valley, California for African American startup founders, designers, engineers and operators. TravelNiore.com, is a website that offers traveling tips, courses on how to get paid to travel, and advice specifically for us black millennials. 21Ninety.com, is a lifestyle wellness brand focused on the betterment of women of color. And Shadowandact.com, provides breaking news, exclusive interviews, and analysis on the scope of Black entertainment today as well promoting creative content from the rising directors, writers, and producers of tomorrow. So it’s safe to say that Morgan’s been working hard and her good deeds surely have not gone unnoticed. Morgan has been featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list, listed on The Roots top 100 most influential African Americans, and again on Forbes Top 50 American Women in Tech! Wow, see what I mean? How could you read this and not be inspired? I’m rooting for you Morgan and I truly believe in your brands and their longevity! Continue to inspire and change lives one day at time. To my readers please be sure to check out her businesses and support at least one of the many platforms she has made possible for us to enjoy! Whether it’s just a view, an email subscription, a job inquiry, or a purchase, let’s just support one another.

Contact Morgan DeBaun :

Email: team@blavity.com

Website: http://www.morgandebaun.com

Instagram: @morgandebaun

Twitter: @morgandebaun

Happy Black History Month, btw ๐Ÿ˜ŒโœŠ๐Ÿพ

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