Tips on Ordering Out: Keeping it Plant-Based Even While on the Go

Some days we don’t even feel like looking at the kitchen, let alone prepping and cooking an entire meal. And that’s completely understandable because from time to time I find myself in the same predicament. Whether we’re busy or just feeling lazy, the reality is that we’re going to eat out at some point. But just because you’re ordering out doesn’t mean that all your hard work (sticking to your diet and new lifestyle) has to go out the window. Ask your cashier or waiter if they have any plant-based or vegan options, and if they don’t I’m more than positive they have meals or sides that can be adjusted to being plant-based. It takes all of 30 seconds to google the ingredients of a meal or entree. So don’t be too shy to ask for them to remove certain ingredients because you think it’s not possible. If you never ask you will never know.  I’ve asked soo many places and even helped to educate the employees for future customers like myself. So no there may not always have a vegan or plant-based option on the menu but with just a few modifications it can easily be done. For example, every time I go to the mall I have to stop at Auntie Anne’s to get a pretzel…well I don’t have to but I just can’t resist. Do you really think they have a plant-based/vegan pretzel? Nope, they don’t but that doesn’t stop me from ordering a cinnamon pretzel or those little bites! And the only adjustment I have to make is removing the butter (because butter is a dairy product and that’s a huge no no for me)! But anyway I promise you it tastes exactly the same, just a little less gooey and personally I prefer a firmer pretzel. So, see! You can order all of your favorites and keep it plant-based by simply asking for “no meat”, “no butter” “no cheese”, “no egg” or whatever other animal products are in the meal that you want to eliminate and voila! Below I will list 5 of my favorite go-to fast-food restaurant meals to order when I don’t feel like cooking.

1. Chipotle’s sofrita burrito or burrito bowl (no cheese, no sour cream) or you could get a bowl or burrito with just veggies and don’t forget for that delicious vinaigrette dressing (takes your meal to the next level I swear, I’m drooling just thinking about it).

2. Burger King’s french toast sticks with hash browns & OJ on the side for breakfast or for lunch you could order a garden salad with vinaigrette or sweet and spicy dressing, french fries, and the apple pie if you’re craving something sweet

SN: Mc Donald’s is the only fast-food chain where the french fries and hash browns aren’t vegan (they’re fried in beef fat…yuck)

3. A veggie lover’s pizza from any pizza place (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Pizza Company, etc.) just get thin crust (vegan) or ask for them not to brush your crust with butter and ask for “no cheese”

4. Order a smoothie from almost anywhere just simply ask what it’s made with and opt out animal ingredients (ask for water or juice instead) if it’s made with dairy.

5. Subway’s/Publix/ or any sub/sandwich place, order the veggie delight sandwich just say “no cheese” and don’t get any mayo as a topping

Remember that being plant-based is a lifestyle, not a trend so don’t let your environment or peers stop you from elevating your life. Let’s stop punishing our bodies and start rewarding them for a change!

If you have any questions about ordering from a specific restaurant I’d be more than happy to help you out with that just comment or send me a private message  at anispenc@theelevationjourney.com or theelevationjourney@gmail.com

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