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Your Favorite Brands: Exposed!

Prepare to be disappointed by the information you will read during this post unless you make your own skin-care products, or have done the proper research before using someone else’s. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but someone has to be, from shampoo to toothpaste to makeup, several products that are used on a daily basis from well known brands are being knowingly sold with cancerous/toxic ingredients. Brace yourself, brands that are loved and trusted by many such as Palmer’s, Luster’s Pink Brand, Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, Dove, Covergirl, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble (Crest, Oral-b, Tide, Gain, etc), and the list literally goes on forever, voluntarily sell toxic products to the public without an ounce of guilt. I was sooo upset to find out that Dove (my ex-favorite soap and deodorant) was among many brands to advertise and sell deceiving products. It’s pretty sad and disgusting that our health isn’t important to them, seeing as we’re the reason they are still in business. But nope, just as long as they can make their money they are perfectly fine with slapping fancy marketing words and slogans on bottles and cases of their products to lure us in to buying them. Ingredients like oxybenzone, toluene, propylene glycol, methylisothiazolinone (MIT), sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), parabens, resorcinol, and hydroquinone just to name a few are found is almost every skin-care product on the shelf. These ingredients have all been linked to cancer and of course the more exposure to them increases your chances of developing all types of cancer. And the argument most of these companies have the nerve to continue using these toxic ingredients is that they are only using a small amount. Hmmm ok but how does that make it acceptable? Let’s think about that for a second….Over time that “small amount” adds up, especially if you’re how I used to be and use the products every day for years at a time. I could care less if a products is 20 % or 2% carcinogenic, I would rather not use products that have ingredients that have been linked to cancer please and thanks. Several of these companies have been petitioned against and some even had lawsuits filed against them yet their ingredients remain the same. Henceforward we need to stop buying products for the name and start purchasing them based on the ingredients and morality of the company. My advice to you all is to become more cautious! Please google the ingredients and side effects of your favorite products before you go out and re-purchase them. There are better, more reputable, natural products out there that you should be using, or you could cut the middle man out and make your own products.

FYI: I post D.I.Y. skin-care products very often. Take a look at previous post for detailed instructions and lists of ingredients!

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